Improved genome assembly and annotation (v6.1) for the doubled monoploid potato DM 1-3 516 R44

May 22, 2020

Data Access Agreement:

The Buell Lab at Michigan State University is pleased to make available an updated long-read chromosome-scale genome assembly (v6.1) and genome annotation for the doubled monoploid potato S. tuberosum Group Phureja DM 1-3 516 R44.

The assembly and annotation is being released before publication for use by public and private research communities as a resource to facilitate plant biology discoveries and plant breeding programs under a data release agreement.

The updated v6.1 genome assembly and annotation is made available with the understanding that users will respect the rights of those who contributed to this effort to describe the updated genome assembly and annotation in a peer-reviewed publication.

By accessing these data, users agree not to publish any articles containing analyses of genes or genomic data on a whole genome or chromosome scale prior to publication of the genome by the Buell Lab. The restricted analyses include the identification of complete sets of genomic features such as genes, gene families, regulatory elements, repeat structures, etc., and whole-genome comparisons of regions of evolutionary conservation or change.

Users also agree not to redistribute the data or submit the data to public data repositories.

Please contact Dr. Robin Buell ( to discuss plans to use the data before publication.

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